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DIVX is in stores now, watchout DVD

Did your VCR crash on you?

Check out the VCR repair instructions from Fixer. They offer a variety of helpful tips and a database listing a large number of VCR models. Best place to start when your date is on the way over and you can't get the VCR working!


Search for your favorite videos online!


All things Video

Once again we head to the video store, spending so much time looking for a good movie we don't have time to watch it when we get home. Try stopping by the Blockbuster site before you head out next time to check out what's new and search for that ilusive title you can't ever remember. Check out the company facts page if you get a chance too and you'll learn all sorts of stuff. Did you know that the Blockbuster card is second only to the Social Security Card in terms of people carrying a non-financial type card? Hmmmm.....100 Best Films

And for those nights when a video store wall full of 200 copies of the same movie just doesn't appeal to you, check out the 100 Best Films to Rent You've Never Heard Of. This invaluable reference can impress many a date.


Bare Facts

And if your looking for some celebrity skin, make sure to pick up a copy of The Bare Facts Video Guide! The 1998 addition is complete and not a two parter like the 1997.





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