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Welcome to the Fatsofa Games Room!

Whether you seek casual amusement, serious gaming or someplace to "win money and valuable prizes" the net can keep you busy for a very long time. So our search begins for the sites that make us laugh the most, win the most and play the most!

Visit our Millionaire Game Show Lounge for the latest scoop on
Who wants to be a Millionaire, Twenty One and so on...

You can also stop by the Arcade Shed
and play a variety of arcade, puzzle, and flash
games like 501 Darts. They have hundreds of
games to chose from so check them out!

Web Darts

Play a way cool game of darts by yourself or make a new friend online. Note: Requires a JAVA enabled browser.

 Single Player Java Darts!

Make your next stop our trivia room. Test your skill at either Sports Trivia or Entertainment Trivia. If your score is worthy you can register and be eligible for prizes! That's right, you don't even have to register until after you kick some ass!

NOTE: All trivia games are FREE but require a JAVA enabled browser.

Riddler - Challenge yourself or others to trivia, crosswords, riddles, word games, and much, much more! At the Riddler web site you can play a variety of games and if you sign up (it's free) you can win some pretty cool prizes. They also have a number of tournament styles games you can play against other online competitors. We hate to admit it but we haven't won anything yet, we'll keep you posted!

Your Home Game Room

Every home needs a place for fun and games. We are currently researching billiard and foosball tables, darts, pinball, slot machines, video games and more! If you have any information or know of a web site appropriate for this area please let us know!


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