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Recovering Lost Passwords

Soft4you is a good tool for recovering lost passwords from Microsoft products. Check back here soon as we add more links to help you out of a password jam.

Invisible Surfing?

Have you ever wondered how you got on some of those mailing lists? Junk mail piling up from places you would rather not hear from? Many sites take a fair amount of information from your browser whenever you stop by... now you can surf anonymously with the Anonymizer! You simply start your web surfing at their site and they'll 'erase your tracks' while you surf!

Personal Security- Saving your own butt!

Self DefenCe Products - A self defense device could SAVE YOUR LIFE! Featuring Myotron - the ultimate attitude adjuster! Also Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Air Tasers, Auto Tasers, Steel Batons, Police Supplies, Spy Cameras, Home Security, Martial Arts Devices, plus more COOL STUFF!

The Best in Home Security - Your Dog!

Chazhound's Free Dog Page - Dog and pet resources. Dog Picture Page. Free e-mail Lotto.Dog Contest! Free Forum. 100's of Free games to download. More!


Night Vision Devices

Most of the devices you see around are 1st generation. They work, and they can look pretty good but don't expect great range or great clarity for a few hundred dollars. The 2nd generation devices are a major step up in quality and price. If you've never used such a device find a friend who has one or find a local distributor, preferably one that is open fairly late so you can try it out. Otherwise, stop by American International Discount for some pretty good deals on both types of night vision devices.

Check out the night vision camcorders on the Gadgets page.

Now you can get the details and see the difference between night vision "generations".


Other Cool Stuff

Exciting advances have been made in the protection of your personal computer and the information you keep within. Previously seen in movies and the largest of companies, finger print identification is now available for your PC. Not only does it work, it's affordable costing less than $200 retail!

Hacker, security, internet... put those together and add one anonymous author and you've got yourself Maximum Security, a book that's going to be criticized by the techies, laughed at by the super hackers that "did that last year", and loved by everyone else even remotely interested in computers. Just making you aware of how easily people can get into your system is the first step in protecting yourself.

Can't figure out how you would wire up a minature camera? Check out the wireless cameras available at American International Discount. Most broadcast at 2.4 GHz and can be picked up a fair distance away with a variety of receivers on the market. A bit pricey but hey, they're cool.

Most of the systems on our Home Automation page can be fitted with motion sensers, alarms, pagers and even a barking dog.


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